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Re: [K12OSN] LTSP over a T1 wan connection

Well I think everyone someday thought about building a scenario with k12 remotely doing a terminal service, I have rethinked about it and I think it's just not worth it for now. Bandwidth hogging would even make your remote server slower, I think maybe 20 years from now internet links will get cheaper and it will be a good solution by then, for now it's better off just making a server on each site and making good use of the LTSP technology.




Hello Tom,

Did you try pinging the remote server,and seeing what kind of msec ping
times you got? Also even though your t-1 is "split" possibly an firewall
port blocking the tftp, or dhcp at one site or the other or both?
I done the same scenario as you are doing here,,but i setup a vpn with
openswan in between the two buildings and this worked out slick. We can
boot to either K12LTSP or (dread) booting to the windows terminal server
at the remote location as well. The bootup times at the client are
almost identical to is the server was right there at the same site.
There is some latency connecting trying to log in,, but once logged in
the client respond same as server in the same building.I now have a
dedicated server setup at that site, so to increase the client count.
AT least with VPN, you have some diagnostics stuff built in, to at least
give you a fighting chance of diagnosing, some wan probs. Just a
Another thing at a hard drive machine at the "remote location" you might
try and do an and see if you are seeing enough ports open on your ltsp server to get your client to bootup correctly.At least

Take Care,

Barry Cisna

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