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Re: [K12OSN] LTSP over a T1 wan connection

On Fri, 2006-06-02 at 13:56 -0300, Ramon wrote:
> Well I think everyone someday thought about building a scenario with
> k12 remotely doing a terminal service, I have rethinked about it and I
> think it's just not worth it for now. Bandwidth hogging would even
> make your remote server slower, I think maybe 20 years from now
> internet links will get cheaper and it will be a good solution by
> then, for now it's better off just making a server on each site and
> making good use of the LTSP technology.

For some small number of clients it should work to burn the
bootable CD's from the thinstation or pxes projects and set
them up to connect via xdm to your remote server. I think the
pxes version also offers an nx client that would help with
bandwidth if you can get freenx working reliably.


The bottle neck is not only on the server end, if you get 20 clients to remotely access your server with thinstation you will kill the bandwidth both on sides, unless you get a line for vpn, I think it`s the only way of making this happen. When vpn lines get cheaper this solution will be great for LTSP (at least here in Brazil), lot`s of companies already have VPN lines but they don`t use linux, that`s another problem. So maybe in a couple of years internet links will get faster and LTSP over internet VPN will be possible, by then you`ll be able to see an ltsp over the internet, it's possible today but not comercially viable and I agree it will be over NX which is the fastest solution I have seen till date.

Les Mikesell
les futuresource com

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