[K12OSN] frozen-bubble crash

Gavin Chester sales at ecosolutions.com.au
Wed Jun 7 04:12:51 UTC 2006

My kids love frozen-bubble, and so do I (since I hold the highest level
achieved in our house).  It powers along on the server, but when run on
a client it will semi-crash and drop from full screen to windowed and
become less responsive.  In the past I had blamed this on my low-spec
server and client hardware, but it still happens with my newer, much
more powerful system.  

Server - dual 2.66 Xeon 2Gb RAM, U320 SCSI, video dual-head NVidia
Clients - PII 400MHz, 128Mb RAM, Intel AGP 16Mb video.
Network - 100Mb full duplex with switch

Anyone experience similar problems with this highly important app? ;-)
I wouldn't have thought there was need to look at using a gig switch
because this happens with just one client active.


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