[K12OSN] NX works great . . . mostly!

David Whitmer dwblue02 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 7 12:11:40 UTC 2006

I regularly connect from home to our school's server using NX.  The school's NX server (actually running freenx) is behind an IPCop firewall.  To connect from home, I first create a tunnelled SSH connection through their firewall (via putty if I'm in Windows), then start up the NX Client.  It works very well.
Unfortunately, my actual settings for doing all of this are at home, and I won't be able to check them until this evening.  But perhaps some information from NoMachine's knowledgebase might help you get going.  The following links are to NoMachine support articles related to accessing NX servers through firewalls, and other port-related issues.
If you still have trouble connecting, then when I'm home later this evening I'll check the exact settings I use with NX Client and post those to the list.
David Whitmer
Media & Technology Director
Calvary Schools of Holland (Michigan)

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After some more fiddling with nx I found that iptables is blocking 
connections to my server at work when attempting to access from home.  
The server is behind a fortigate firewall.  The server is running 
K12LTSP 4.1 (Fedora 3) with iptables running as a second layer of 

I have port 22 opened and can log into the server from home using 
pub/private-key.  When I try to access it with nxclient it logs in ok, 
authenticates, but then times out without ever negotiating an 
X-connection.  If I turn iptables off on the server (using a remote ssh 
console),  I can make the connection just fine.  I configured nx to use 
port 22 in /etc/nxserver/node.conf, but evidently it is still being 
blocked by iptables.

I am using ssl to encrypt the connection over the Internet, which works 
fine so long as iptables is turned off.

What setting do I need to add to  iptables to allow nx traffic to pass 


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