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[K12OSN] Great video processing program

For those of you working with students to convert .avi video to .mpeg for use in making DVDs, I can wholeheartedly recommend KmPg2. I use it to convert mjpeg videos from my Canon digital camera into beautifully rendered mpeg2 with AC3 audio ready to be mastered using DVDStyler. Ideally, original videos should be 640x480 or higher. But even videos shot it 320x240 look fairly decent when scaled up to 720x480 NTSC video format. KmPg2 can even convert videos to 16x9 widescreen.

The author is very helpful and works hard to resolve any kinds of difficulties that arise. KmPg2 does require some KDE libs, especially Kommander, since it is essentially a collection of Kommander scripts that access ffmpeg and other commandline utilities.

Ideally, a dual cpu (perhaps also dual core) server is best for processing large videos, as the program takes good advantage of multi-threading. It even has a check box to run the processes in a lower priority so that it won't bring your system to its knees.

For assembling mjpeg or other .avi files, I have found avidemux2 to be very simple to use. Just open the original file and then /file/append additional clips. avidemux2 will also convert .avi to .mpeg but the results are not as good as with KmPg2.

Check it out at:  http://kmpg2.sourceforge.net/view.php/page/Voorpagina


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