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Re: [K12OSN] Dvorak keyboard

Hi Krsnendu,

If you have learned QWERTY already, your fingers know
how to type, so you should pick up speed in know time.
The first two weeks will be hard, but if you commit
those two weeks, it should be smooth sailing after
that. Some say Dvorak will make you faster, this is
not necessarily true, but it will take a lot of strain
off your fingers. My fingers used to cramp up
sometimes in QWERTY, since I switched to Dvorak I no
longer have that problem. 

After you start using Dvorak, you will probably still
use QWERTY from time to time, so your fingers won't
have the opportunity to forget it. Of course, if you
stay away from QWERTY for a long period of time, it
might take a couple of minutes to reajust, but your
fingers still remember. :)

Hope this helps answer your last couple questions at


--- Krsnendu Dasa <krsnendu108 gmail com> wrote:

> I am interested in  using the Dvorak keyboard. How
> do you set it up? How do
> you set up the icon for switching?
> How easy is it to learn? If I need to use someone
> else's keyboard with
> qwerty layout with I get muddled up?
> Thanks,
> Krsnendu dasa

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