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[K12OSN] advice needed: Moving to Open Office

Hi all,

This is not a K12LTSP question, but I hope you can help anyway.
We're looking into moving all of the computer labs in our district to Open Office next year.
The tech department brought together the teachers who manage these labs and after several hours of exploring Word and OO side by side the teachers felt comfortable enough to give the o.k. to move forward. Now we are trying to plan this rollout.

This rollout is is going to happen on both Windows boxes and LTSP nodes, with the majority being on XP/SP2 under Active Directory. Could folks who have gone before give me some ideas of what to expect in terms of teacher and student needs, complaints etc. I'd love to be able to anticipate problems and solutions ahead of time. Are there any case studies from schools for OO that anyone could point me at?



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