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Re: [K12OSN] Rdesk top sound

Andrae Findlator wrote:
Please read below and let me know what you all think. Would this work well?
Could it be a part of th LTSP 5 setup?

In response to this question:

Can rdesktop on linux be given the option of routing sound output through a sound demond such as ESD on linux. The reason is I want to run k12ltsp with sound from windows (rdesktop) and sound from linux at the same time with out
sacrificing one or the other. Is this possible?

I got this response from the rdesktop team:

if you use artsd and start rdesktop through artsdsp ( see artsdsp --help )
route artsd through esd.

something like this,, using 8bit with 22000 sounds ok with webradio, but if
you play mp3:s with headphones you might use cd quality instead :) it's
a big difference in network load. :\
artsd -a esd -r 22000 -b 8
path/artsdsp path/rdesktop -k us mytsserv

I haven't tried, but since artsd got builtin support for network connections
it might be possible to redirect sound from the terminal server to artsd

oh.. I missed the -r sound flag but you get the general idea :)

I just tried this (on 5 beta 5) with the following command line using esd:
esddsp --server=$ESPEAKER rdesktop -D -xm -P -a 16 $LTSP_RDP_SERVER -r disk:home=$USERHOME -g workarea -r sound

and it nominally works. Well, sort of. It has atrocious lag. I'm not counting terribly precisely, but it comes out at around 5 seconds. That's ok for playing with but doesn't cut the mustard for real usage.

When I use rdesktop from the console it works normally with almost no lag.

Angus Carr.

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