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Re: [K12OSN] Beta 9 does not install on system with zero channel i20

Ok, this one has driven me to distraction, but apparently there is an issue with Adaptec i2o

https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=189570 , for the end of this

"This fix will be present in 2.6.17. Is there any chance of anyone backporting it
into 2.6.16 before Fedora goes 2.6.17?"

For the present, a possible work around is to use pci=routeirq . Haven't tested this yet, will try to get back over to the school (late) tonight and do so. At any rate, my luck with the IT gods is continuing to hold true to form :)

dahopkins comcast net wrote:
I have tried installing Beta8 and Beta9 on my system which has an Adaptec 2010s zero channel controller.  Anaconda crashes (at random points during the install).  I have selected the i20_block device for the install.  I do not see an option to selet dpt_i2o as the driver.  From Adaptec's website, there are not any applicable downloads.

To check my sanity, I have also installed 4.4.1 and 4.2.3EL on the same system over the last 24 hours. Both of these versions install without issues. However, beta9 will not install. The only clue I have that it 'should' work is from http://i2o.shadowconnect.com/faq.php#desciption

To configure I2O in the 2.6 kernel you have to enable the following modules:

Device Drivers  --->
  I2O device support  --->
     <M> I2O support
     <M>   I2O PCI support
     <M>   I2O Block OSM
     <M>   I2O SCSI OSM
     <M>   I2O /proc support

Anyhow, any assistance in getting beta9 to install on this system would be greatly appreciated.

Dave Hopkins
Newark Charter School

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