[K12OSN] domain name loops back to dsl router

Les Mikesell les at futuresource.com
Sun Jun 18 17:33:41 UTC 2006

On Sun, 2006-06-18 at 12:15, cisna-barry at wc235.k12.il.us wrote:

> I have a strange one here, or so it is to me. I setup another 4.4.1
> K12LTSP box at my house. I got my own domain name for this box,and what is
> happening is, when i enter my domain name locally the browser winds up
> redirecting to the dsl modem/router interface that i have from the dsl
> provider.
> This is not actually redirecting to ip address of the server ,it is the ip
> assigned to the router. I have disabled all port forwards trying to
> reslove it, but still same thing. I am guessing it is something maybe i
> have setup on the dns provider( easydns). But i surely cant get it figured
> out:(. I have to vnc to a machine outside my lan in order to make sure for
> example my home page is working or mailman etc.
> The website comes up fine on a remote machine so it appears to be working
> correctly, I can also email fine, with this domain name. In the webrowser
> i have made sure direct connection to internet is checked just seeing if i
> can get anything to make it see my domain name locally.
> Not sure if the nating is causing something in this?

Yes it is the nat - most nat routers only apply the nat to
a particular interface so when you hit it from 'outside'
the nat or port-forwarding applies and you connect to
the correct 'inside' address.  However if you try to
connect to that same address from the inside interface
the nat doesn't apply and you just hit the router.

The best fix is to set up your own internal DNS server
configured to be primary for your domain with the
internal addresses for the names.  That way the public
sees the addresses supplied by your DNS service provider
(mapped to the public router address) and your machines
see the private natted versions for the same names.
If there are only a few boxes you can get the same effect
with host file entries.

  Les Mikesell
   les at futuresource.com

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