[K12OSN] schooltool startup no go

David Whitmer dwblue02 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 19 02:32:51 UTC 2006


I found this in a posting from March 2005:

"You need to start the service....

     /sbin/service schoolbell start

and if you want it startup everytime you boot:

     /sbin/chkconfig schoolbell on


Probably just substitute "schooltool" for "schoolbell" and you should be good to go.

David Whitmer

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Hello All,

Has anyone been able to get either schoolbell or schooltool to startup
correctly at bootup? The only way i can make either of them run is to
start them as a daemon.   simply: <shell>:schooltool
It runs fine this way but of course when i close this terminal schooltool
is no longer running:(. This has happened this way for me on both FC3 and
FC4. I am trying to get this running nonstop so a couple of admins can
setup,,a couple of groupwide calenders for next schoolyear.
If i try and start from the init script for either, i get
[root at xyz ~]# Reading configuration from /etc/schooltool/schooltool.conf
Could not initialize the database:
[Errno 13] Permission denied: '/var/lib/schooltool/Data.fs'
..or... same only with Data.tmp the next time trying to start.
( I've cleard out these two files trying to start fresh and still same

Barry Cisna

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