[K12OSN] NCLS-TuXlabs for Schools: A smashing success!

mvl.1 at newulmtel.net mvl.1 at newulmtel.net
Mon Jun 19 15:05:59 UTC 2006

Thank you, Peter and all others, for a great conference!

As one of those newcomers, I want to offer my appreciation for the efforts
expended and the information presented. Another of the teachers at my
school, the one who offers courses on computer applications and
programming, had planned to attend but was sidetracked by other
obligations. I wish he could have been there. He is the first person that
I need to get on board if we are to begin implementing LTSP, and it would
be hard to duplicate the enthusiasm that was in that room.

Peter, will the presentations that were given at the conference become
available for download? They would be valuable in reviewing much of what
was shared and in passing it on to others. There were some great overviews
of Linux and LTSP!

Tom Hartwig
Minnesota Valley Lutheran High School
New Ulm, MN

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