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Re: [K12OSN] K12LTSP - How easy was that!

Odd question, but could pgina (http://www.pgina.org/) be installed on the WinXP Pro system in addition to the xpunlimited software and thus allow validation of users against a Linux/Samba/LDAP/PDC, in essence achieving the effect of a Windows TS in the domain? I don't have the hardware 'laying around' to test this as it currently stands.

Dave Hopkins

Les Finch wrote:
Also this is downloadable from http://www.xpunlimited.com and works when
install on xp pro with 3 users or $125.00 unlimited


On Wed, 2006-06-21 at 10:00 -0400, steve gilmore wrote:
If I might add a few points. Connecting to a default Windows XP pro, is limited to a single remote administrative session ( see note). Thus if an administrator account logs in , other users are informed their session will be terminated. As a limited user they might not have control, but an administrator could refuse the connection.

(note) A few years ago when Microsoft released XP betas for testing, one of the original files involved multiple connections with remote desktop :-) . Thus if one replaces their current file with an older one (termserv.dll) , multiple independant remote connections are possible. How many, depends on the strength of the target machine. If you create local users on the target XP machine, change them to limited users, and permit local security policy for them to login via network, then the administrator may view all user connections at the task manager etc..
XP must not be part of a domain and have fast user switching enabled.
I can't say yea or nay vis a vis the EULA, since no one complains about multiple vnc connections or multiple pc-anywhere connections or radmin connections, then you decide. After all , it is an original microsoft file.


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It also allows K12LTSP to be a cheaper way to deploy windows. In the case of
a normal Terminal Services install you would need either a local copy of
Windows XP or the like on your box in order to connect, or you would need a local license of Windows CE for a terminal to connect, which both cost money.
And you would need a terminal services license for every concurrent
connection to the terminal server. By using LTSP you can avoid the costs of the local Windows XP or CE install only needing the terminal services license

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