[K12OSN] Edubuntu - K12LTSP

Andy Rabagliati andyr at wizzy.com
Sun Jun 25 12:29:14 UTC 2006

On Sun, 25 Jun 2006, Edward Holcroft wrote:

> Jim wrote:
> >The Ubuntu developers are definately coming up to speed quickly on
> >how thin client support should be integrated into a distro, and from
> >what we saw this week at the Ubuntu developer summit in Paris, the
> >next release of Ubuntu (Edgy) which is due out in late october, looks
> >to be the one we've all been waiting for, in terms of thin client
> >support from a mainstream linux vendor.
> >
> Assuming that the next release of Edubuntu actually runs practically  
> any client you throw at it, like K12LTSP does, what will be the  
> compelling reasons going for switching from a perfectly working  
> K12LTSP solution to Edubuntu.

Horses for courses, I am sure.

K12LTSP is redhattish, Edubuntu is Debianish.

But I think the main advantage is being able to use apt in the Thin
Client environment. If you never mess with the client environment
(I don't) then it probably makes little difference.

I think the RHEL4 path is an improvement for the stability of the
libraries, etc., over Fedora. Ubuntu similarly has a better grip on
fixed glibc versions.

And you might prefer the Ubuntu desktop over the K12LTSP desktop.

Cheers,    Andy!

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