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Re: [K12OSN] Edubuntu - K12LTSP

Actually there is another difference. K12ltsp uses X to connect to the
clients whereas Edubuntu (Muekow ltsp), I think, uses ssh to tunnel X
to the clients. This is definitely a more secure way of using thin
clients especially if students are going to be doing stuff like online
banking and why I never type my root password into a client. However,
there is a price for this: min. system requirments for the clients
goes up (eg PIII 450 whereas for k12ltsp a P90 is okay) because
everything has to get encrypted and decrypted without a lot of
latency. Same extra overhead of encrypt/decrypt goes for the server
for EVERY client.

I never had any idea about such a massive increase in the client requirements. Thanks for the advice. It'd be troublesome for us here in South Africa to suddenly have to start looking for PIII thin clients. Many schools here have bought into the idea of LTSP with the re-use of P1's as a selling point.

Is K12LTSP also looking at Muekow in the future?


Edward Holcroft
Executive Director: NetDay South Africa

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