[K12OSN] classroom teachers

JohnG jjjggg at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 27 03:24:59 UTC 2006

> This is it. If you can ignore the technobabble that comes along for the
> ride, this is a great place to do all of that.

I personally like the technobabble ;-)

Actually to Debbie's point, the stated purpose to this listserv is "the 
technical support and discussion of the K12OS Linux distribution." There 
doesn't seem to be much if any non-techie talk going on.

Not that I want to receive any of the "start one yourself" postings, I've 
always wondered why this is still a listserv rather than a more modern web 
forum format like many other sites have (ie ipcops.com, contribs.org, etc). 
I'd love to access the postings in somewhat more organized fashion than 
having everything glommed together. It would be awesome to see sections like 
HARDWARE, TEACHER TALK, ANNOUNCEMENTS, etc. I don't know much time, money or 
energy this would entail, it's just a wish on my part.

I don't think a simple google or yahoo group will suffice since I think 
everything would still be somewhat disorganized. I could start researching 
what this would entail but I'm sure others on here know way more about it 
that I would ever know.


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