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Re: [K12OSN] XWindows hell

Likely, the resolution X is trying to use is higher than the monitor can stand.

Others can tell you how to fix that. I have fixed my own sometimes, but don't know it well enough to lead you about it.


Todd O'Bryan wrote:

I'm trying to use Ubuntu in my lab next year, and I got it working on
the student machines, but my teacher machine, which is a different model
is being stubborn.

It's an IBM ThinkCentre M51 (model 8143, in fact), which apparently has
an Intel 915 video chip. I've found enough stuff googling to know that
there's something annoying with this machine, but I haven't found any
instructions about how to fix the problem. The problem, incidentally, is
that XWindows fails spectacularly and I'm left with a blank screen and a
blinking monitor power light.

If someone knows how to solve the problem, I'd be very grateful, but I'd
settle for a pointer or even suggestions of likely more helpful Google


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