[K12OSN] 5.0beta software changes

William Fragakis william at fragakis.com
Mon May 1 13:18:48 UTC 2006

I've been playing with the beta and have come across a few "issues":
1) Did I miss something or is TuxPaint no longer a default install? It
is highly used at our school if that matters.
2) Many of the programs that go full screen (eg Childsplay, GCompris) go
out of the resolution range of a 1024 x 768 lcd - haven't tested it on
something larger. It can be hacked to run in windowed mode but these
programs ran in full screen well in 4.4.x. They run fine on a crt,
3) The Fedora updates kill all sorts of things - I ran yum extender last
night and had the infamous grey screen X for the first time. It rewrote
the kdmrc and xdm-config files. Should I just stick to updating from the
k12 site?

All the hard work is much appreciated. We may have some very good news
in the next couple of days from this neck of the woods regarding K12LTSP
which will demonstrate what an impact this effort has on education. We
originally adopted K12LTSP to solve some technical issues not realizing
the most profound impact would be how completely the teachers would
integrate technology into their daily curriculum.

William Fragakis

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