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We use Koha on Ubuntu 5.04 for our OPAC.  I've embedded it into my own


It works well if the database is setup right.  Installing Koha was one of
the first things I ever did with linux and so I struggled for several weeks
(now I could do it real quick).  The websites will provide good help.  What
I recall were some problems:

1.	Get all modules installed (these will be listed on install)
2.	Getting the ports right (8000 and 8080)
3.	Getting mysql set up right
4.	Getting file permissions right


After I got it installed, the biggest problem I had was with the MARC
records.  This is what libraries use to catalog books, and since I am not a
librarian, here was another learning curve.  Our library uses Athena for
circulation, but we cannot afford to purchase the internet module, so I
export the database from Athena, modify a few records with Marcedit, and
then import to Koha.  The most difficult part is getting the MARC and Koha
database to work how you want.  We do not use the circulation part of Koha
because Athena does that, but we could use it to barcode, circulation,
reserve, etc.  If you want to see our finished product, go to
http://learn.apnts.com.ph:8000 <http://learn.apnts.com.ph:8000/> . 


As far as maintenance, I just import fresh records every month or two.
There are some nice features I have not figured out, mostly having to do
with importing cataloging records from the internet (called z something or
other), but a true librarian could probably figure it out.  There are other
programs out there (Openbiblio is one), but in my limited experience and
knowledge I found Koha the best and most flexible.


I could look up the websites I used if you would like these, but a Google
search will be adequate.  There were a couple I found really useful.


David Ackerman

Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary






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Has anyone on this list installed Koha before? More specifically on Ubuntu
or Red Hat? We are looking at using Koha for our online library database but
we are finding almost no support for installation or maintaining. Thanks in





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