[K12OSN] Multiple heads...

robert pogson robert.pogson at gmail.com
Wed May 3 04:00:20 UTC 2006

Thank you, John for your kind words.

I found a  PCI video card laying around but the box would not boot
with it plugged in. Apparently it is a dud. I will have to buy one to
try. I did manage to get two login screens showing at once from
different VTs and I can login in two users at once, one on each VT, 
but they use the same mouse and keyboard acting on the screen being
displayed. I may have to make up my own XF86Config to define the two
"screens". This is a big effort for one client, but I hope to equip a
whole school with approximately 100 simultaneous users so this would
cut the number of thin client machines by 50, perhaps saving $10000
that we can spend on the server or peripherals. GNU/LInux/LTSP/K12LTSP
just lets us put the money in the right places. Besides, it is fun.

John wrote:
"Nice piece on LTSP and rationals for using FOSS."

Jim McQuillan wrote:
"This is not something that LTSP has support for.

There are various solutions out there, to allow you to connect
multiple keyboards, mice and monitors to a single box, but none of
those methods are integrated into LTSP.

Jim McQuillan
jam Ltsp org"
Robert Pogson
Have server, will travel...

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