[K12OSN] fl_teachertool and vnc in ltsp4.2

Trond Mæhlum trond at maehlum.net
Wed May 3 13:32:24 UTC 2006

Is there any hope of getting the vnc-module to work in ltsp4.2? We use 
LTSP4.1 with the "hack" of copying vnc.so into /opt/ltsp... the way it's 
documented on Robert's site.

We tried this hack in LTSP4.2, but it does not work. We use the "Remote 
control" function every day. For us this is now a major showstopper for 
upgrading to LTSP4.2, which is too bad because of the new 
improvements... Is there hope?

Best Regards
Trond Maehlum

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