[K12OSN] NFS error after upgrade to ltsp 4.2

Steve Knopik steve at sierra-computer.com
Wed May 3 17:17:58 UTC 2006

I just upgraded our test server to ltsp 4.2. The server is currently 
running K12LTSP 4.2.3EL. After installing ltsp 4.2 and running ltspadmin 
I restarted dhcpd. When I tried to boot a terminal I received these errors:

mount: failed, reason given by server: 
Permission denied
NFS: mount program didn't pass remote address
mount: Mounting on /mnt failed: Invalid 

Error! Failed to mount the root directory via NFS!

If I go back to the dhcpd.conf and change the root path back to the 
original directory and restart dhcpd everything works fine.

Maybe I missed something in the install of version 4.2 but I cannot find it.

The instructions mention to update the "filename" but I do not know what 
to change it to.

Steve Knopik

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