[K12OSN] iCal

Ben Nickell twinprism at athena.physics.isu.edu
Wed May 3 19:28:22 UTC 2006

Les Mikesell wrote:

> <snip>
>>I have no choice for desktop.  They want iCal, nothing else.
>I thought it just used webdav to publish the file - the server
>shouldn't need to know about the contents, although this looks
>like it might do both:
I have set this up before on an Linux apache server with webdav enabled 
and ran into the following problems..

Data corruption/data loss when access with multiple clients at the same 
time.  The calendars get corrupted.  (but this may be related to using 
beta mozilla calendar/sunbird clients on windows and Linux in addition 
to iCal on Mac.)

iCal didn't support SSL,  (i think think that has been remedied in a 
recent upgrade, but I'm not sure) 

Phpicalendar is good or showing a web view, but watch it for frequent 
security updates..

Don't let this discourage you, it worked, I just wasn't patient enough 
to work all the bugs out.  It may work great if you are only using iCal, 
and don't need SSL.  If you are looking for a shared calendar system, 
test carefully or take frequent backups. 

Hope this helps,

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