[K12OSN] Office XP on k12ltsp

Jeffrey Myers JeffMy at kdoc.dc.state.ks.us
Wed May 3 20:45:30 UTC 2006

Try this Mark

Wine is a program that allows Linux users to use Windows programs. Wine sets
up a fake windows file system on your Linux partition and enables you to
load programs that will only run on a Windows platform. Programs such as
your training CD's, or Excel, Word, Internet Explorer. Wine has not yet been
perfected it does have some problems. But it does give Linux users an
opportunity to use some of their must have programs that only operate in


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Curt Craig wrote:
> On Wednesday 03 May 2006 10:37, Mark Sarria wrote:
>> I would like some suggestion on how to run Office XP on the k12ltsp
>> I know it comes with Openoffice pre-installed, but I am trying to
>> Linux to my school and one of the requirements is that it should be able
>> run windows applications. I am setting up a lab of 30 thin clients, with
>> three different servers which have been loaned to me for testing purpose.
>> What software do you recommend I use to run Microsoft office on Linux?
> Agreed; Crossover is a good choice for primarily Office, and a small
> of other apps written for Windows.  Moving very far outside of that
> often gets tricky, and you'll find it important to manage expectations 
> carefully.
> Best of luck!

I don't think that you will find a development team any more willing to 
help than the Crossover folks.  They have made repeated pleas to this 
list for feedback on what applications to focus on.  Either stating your 
needed applications here or emailing them directly will keep the ball 


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