[K12OSN] OT: Damn Small Linux (DSL) Question

Doug Simpson veewee77 at alltel.net
Thu May 4 01:38:31 UTC 2006

Here is how to fix that. . .

First off, you must run commands as root, which isnte really available 
on DSL, so put sudo in front of every commend you run.


sudo mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/hda1

will mount the first IDE hard drive and shoud give you access to it.  
Just remember to issue sudo before every command.

Works for me.

Exception: NTFS filesystems.  DSL doesn't have support to write to NTFS 
filesystems yet. (I have never needed to write there, just usually 
recover data from crashed drives.)


Jim Kronebusch wrote:

>I have been trying to get more familiar with DSL for repairing infested
>Windows machines and as a mobile Linux desktop.  The main problem I have been
>having at this point is that all drives that I mount via the mount tool end up
>being "read only filesystems".  External USB hard drives and thumb drives, and
>the most important, the local Windows drive.  I have searched google and I can
>find no help.  What I want to do most is be able to modify the files on the
>Windows FAT32 or NTFS drive.  
>Does anyone have any suggestions?  Even the right syntax to mount the
>filesystems via command as su would be helpful.
>Jim Kronebusch
>Cotter Tech Department

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