[K12OSN] Office XP on k12ltsp

Doug Simpson veewee77 at alltel.net
Thu May 4 01:44:42 UTC 2006

One of the *MAIN* reasons for using the K12LTSP project is cost in my 
opinion and to force it to run winders software puts you right back in 
the box. . .
Paying M$ for software. . .

You'd still have to pay for licenses and CALs for the M$ stuff, when OOo 
works just fine for 99% of what you will ever do in classes.



Mark Sarria wrote:

>Hello List,
>I would like some suggestion on how to run Office XP on the k12ltsp server.
>I know it comes with Openoffice pre-installed, but I am trying to introduce
>Linux to my school and one of the requirements is that it should be able to
>run windows applications. I am setting up a lab of 30 thin clients, with
>three different servers which have been loaned to me for testing purpose.
>What software do you recommend I use to run Microsoft office on Linux?
>Thank you
>Mark Sarria
>Sylmar High School
>(818) 367-0299
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