[K12OSN] open samba share

Doug Simpson simpsond at leopards.k12.ar.us
Thu May 4 15:05:57 UTC 2006

Hi guys!

I can usually get samba caressed into doing what I want it to do, but I 
have a problem that is eluding me.

It is probably simple, but I just can't get it to work. . .

I have a linux/samba server and I need a share set up that will allow 
connections and give R/W access without requiring a login.

In other words, I need this to just be a dumb share, accessible to all, 
writeable by all, but not requiring usernames and passwords.

I will be setting the host.allow to only allow certain computers to use 
it, but I need this to work.

What will I need in the share definitions in /etc/samba/smb.conf

I have tried this an other. . .

	path = /samba/generic
	guest = yes
	read only = no
	browseable = no
	force create mode = 0777

and the path is set to RWX for everyone on the /samba/generic directory.

Still requires a login to access the share. . .

Any ideas?

This is basically for a temporary place to place files to move between 
networks since the server in question sits between the two networks as a 

Thanks in advance!

Doug Simpson
Technology Specialist
DeQueen Public Schools
DeQueen, AR 71832
simpsond at leopards.k12.ar.us
Tux for President!

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