[K12OSN] Crossover Office - K12ltsp

Jeremy White jwhite at codeweavers.com
Thu May 4 17:35:21 UTC 2006

Hi Mark,

You might also want to snag a demo version of CrossOver Pro,
as that will work fine with LTSP, so long as you kick it
into 'managed multi user mode'.

You'll need to write us directly at sales at codeweavers.com to ask for the demo,
but we'll supply it cheerfully.

Also, if you're using FC5, you'll want to wait a few weeks
and get a rev to 5.0.3 of CrossOver; FC5 has a kernel vm split
that does nasty and bad things to Wine.



Mark Sarria wrote:
> Where would the log file be located?
> I looked in the /opt/cxoffice and did not find any logs there.
> Mark Sarria
> Sylmar High School
> (818) 367-0299
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> What do the logs say?  It's entirely possible that you need to muck 
> about with the LTSP kernel to get this working...
> Mark Sarria wrote:
>>Hello List,
>>I have crossover office server version installed (Demo version of course)
> on
>>a sand box server. I am able to open windows application like word and
> excel
>>on the server, but can not open the application on my thin clients. The
>>Windows Application folder is available in the menu, and I click on the
> word
>>icon to open access the program, but nothing happens.
>>Any suggestions? 
>>Mark Sarria
>>Sylmar High School
>>(818) 367-0299
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