[K12OSN] Slightly OT: Any VideoLan Guru's?

Barry R Cisna cisna-barry at wc235.k12.il.us
Sat May 6 00:09:45 UTC 2006

Hello List,

Wondering if anyone in the list has much experience using (VLC)
videolan-client? I'm possibly going to broadcast our school's high
school graduation in a couple of weeks, for grandpa & grandma to watch
at home, and wonder what kind of head scratchers i will run into. I'm
planning on only streaming 320 x 240 x 15 fps and 125 kbps. Maybe i
should possibly even drop down lower for people that may still be on
dial-up? I don't care much about video quality as long as the audio
comes across solid. Does anyone know how to calculate how many
connections can connect before the server / T1 line becomes saturated?.
I'm wondering about doing the entry to allow maybe 50 connections max,
or is this too many? Don't have a clue on this. All i've tried doing is
streaming "helper" video clips on our LAN. If this would actually work
this would be a good "points getter" for Linux:).
I'm going to stream from a single 2.0 ghz  with 2 gigs of ram with SCSI
drives 100 meg nics.
Dont have a clue if anyone at all will even try and use the darn
thing,really. Should i possibly just do audio to be safe.
Hmmm... so many questions.
Am I shooting myself in the foot on this gig?:).

Any ideas welcome.

Barry Cisna

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