[K12OSN] Bandwidth limiting with Squid with K12

dackerman at apnts.org dackerman at apnts.org
Sun May 7 12:04:53 UTC 2006

I think K12ltsp will work well for us (after tyring Ubuntu with ltsp).  I am
setting up squid for squidguard and dansguardian.  Is there anything I need to
do with the k12ltsp 5 beta5 to activate these?  

I also want to use squid to limit bandwidth because the ltsp server will also be
used as a file server and internet gateway for about 50 residential students.  I
don't want them to hog the bandwidth.  What should I do for this?  I have seen
directions at
and it says to uninstall squid and then reinstall and some other directions. 
Has anyone done this with squid with K12?  I don't want to break the system
because I do not know much about IP tables, etc.  I just copy what is there. 
If anyone has a squid.conf I could copy, that would really be great, or can
give me specific directions for setting this up.  Thanks.  These are really
important projects for us, and we are in first grade trying to read college


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