[K12OSN] OT: Dansguardian HowTo

Barry R Cisna cisna-barry at wc235.k12.il.us
Mon May 8 00:40:00 UTC 2006

Hello Paul,

I found that it is good to get a good understanding of how DG does it
"redirecting" as far as proxy ports etc. The bottom line is just install
DG via whatever the latest rpm is for your K12ltsp version. (It is in
the K12LTSP iso's) for whatever version of K12LTSP you are using. Then
the next key element is make sure you have Webmin installed. Next
download the DG module for Webmin. This makes it so easy to manage and
learn whats inside of DG. I never would have figured out the inner
workings of DG without the use of Webmin, and the DG Webmin module. 
All you need to do once installing the DG rpm is start Squid in server
services  then start DG via Webmin /Bootup- services. and DG will start
doing its thing, providing you have the correct DG proxy number entered
on your K12LTSP server for the clients to filter through. It would be
something like <serveripaddress> port 8080 in your webbrowser. Now to
test to see if DG is actually functioning type in ---.badboys.com
You should get access denied. One thing to keep in mind if you decide to
download a blacklist set,then enable all of these in DG you can shoot
yourself in the foot, as these can be very restrictive. I done this a
year ago and was stopping lots of research sites,that teachers were
wanting access to:(.I finally just went with the default DG install and
this seems adaquate for a school scenario which is mostly weighted
Let me know if you run into any snags. The school that our school
consolidated with this past school year, was running sonicwall that they
had just purchased the year previous. The guy in charge of their network
said, after seeing how DG was setup at our school Sonciwall was a
nightmare &( and a money pit), from the get go.
We have been using DG for three years now, Very solid,and easy, with
Webmin,is all i can say.It even works with our Webmail/Squirrelmail as
far as will block nasty language in emails that are sent, for instance.
Kinda cool.
Hope this helps a little.
Have a good week.

Barry Cisna

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