[K12OSN] Kernel headers needed

David Whitmer dwblue02 at yahoo.com
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You probably need to install the so-called VMware any-any update to get VMware server to run.  I used it to get VMware server to run on one K12LTSP, and VMware player running on another K12LTSP computer (both running FC4).

The short version is to do the following:

1) follow VMware's Linux installation instructions... but before running "vmware-config.pl", install the any-any update

2) installing the any-any update:

* download the latest any-any patch from ftp://ftp.cvut.cz/vmware
* the patch file name takes the form "vmware-any-any-update###.tar.gz", where "###" is a sequential release number
* unpack
* enter the unpacked directory and run "./runme.pl"

3) if "runme.pl" didn't kick off "vmware-config.pl", then run it and continue on in VMware's insallation instructions

For details on this patch, go to the following link:

VMware's Linux installation instructions are at:


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I'm playing around with a copy of VMware server but to properly configure it I need the kernel headers.  Fedora seems to have changed thinngs around a bit.  I cannot find the "kernel-sources".  After checking it seems I need the SRC RPM file and build it myself.  Can anybody point me to the proper yum syntax to get what I need?  I'm running KLTSP FC5 with the latest updates.  
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