[K12OSN] TFTP problem, same problem again

Mikko Jordman mikko.jordman at edu.vantaa.fi
Mon May 8 14:43:04 UTC 2006

Sorry to disturb you folks again, but I'm in trouble.

I have been using k12ltsp for some years home (3-4 ws) with no problems.
Actually nearly none maintenance has been needed.

Now I installed 4.4.1 on an old 4 x Xeon 450 MHz / 2Gb ram server in 
our IT-lab.
Actually I have installed it three times... For some reason every time 
I got the
same problem: workstations will get IP from server but then its stucks to
"TFTP........" and nothing happens.

Now I wrote down every thing I did and I now when the problem shows. When I
added about 300 users by Webmin, booting does not work any more. The strange
thing, I added about 20 and it worked, but after those 300, it did not work.

My linux-knowledge is very little. I'm thinking that for some reason 
the path to
ltsp-kernel and initrd is somehow lost. And I don,t what file I should 
check. Or
am I able to do the thing with Webmin.

Could give me a hint? With this kowledge my only way to it is 1) install again
2) not to use webmin.

P.S. I have not used webmin before.

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