[K12OSN] Screen Timeout Setting

k12ltsp k12ltsp at hermon.net
Mon May 8 15:48:13 UTC 2006

Hi everyone,

I'd like to know if anyone knows how we can turn off the screen timeout
that occurs when there's no activity on a terminal. We are using K12LTSP
version 4.2.1. Here's what we are doing:

We have installed a Safari Montage server for our district
(http://www.safarimontage.com). Basically, it's a web server that hosts a
library of thousands of educational titles, such as NOVA, PBS, etc.. that
students at their terminal can access and play full screen. We have
several terminals connected to projectors that are used by teachers to
play these videos. They are hi-quality WMV video streams which are played
through MPlayerPlug-in.

However, while the video plays, the screen timeout feature gets in the
way. The video stops along with the audio, and someone has to head back to
the terminal, and move the mouse to get it going again.

Does anyone know how this feature can be turned off?

Thank you!

Alan Owen
Recent Hermon High School Graduate (Class of '02)
Hermon Information Services/Hermon School Department
"Using Technology to Empower All Students to Succeed in a Changing World."

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