[K12OSN] Slightly Off Topic (Hardware Question)

Liam Marshall k12ltsplover at stmaurice.mb.ca
Tue May 9 04:44:48 UTC 2006

I am using K12LTSP for a thin client environment.  30+ workstations, being
upgraded during summer into almost 60 workstations, but they aren't my


My server has an ASUS PC-DL Deluxe (Intel Dual Xeon 3.06)  I had 4-512Mb DDR
sticks (speed 3200) for a total of 2 Gb RAM.  Was experiencing slow
performance when all workstations start StarOffice and other cases like
logging out or into workstations.  So I ordered 4 1 Gb DDR sticks (also
3200s) for a total of 4 Gb which is the max the board can take according to


Only two sticks came in on Thursday last week so being the impatient type I
grabbed them and installed them and left 2 of the 512MB sticks in for a
total of 3 Gb.  Bios reported 3 Gb and System Monitor as well as TOP
reported 3 Gb.  All good so far and I did notice an increase in performance,
(no need to sequentially start StarOffice, or stagger logout)


I thought great, now when the other 2 Gb arrives things will get even
better.  Well they came in today and I installed at the end of the school
day.  Powered up, not looking in bios.  Got into the OS went to TOP and
System Monitor and saw it only reporting 3.5 Gb RAM?


Couldn't figure it out.  Swapped memory, tested through bios, individually,
each 1 Gb stick reported 1 Gb available minus 640K base memory.  Any 2
sticks paired showed 2 Gb minus 640K base memory. Put in 3 sticks and it
reports 3 Gb minus 640K base memory.  Put the 4th stick in and lost almost
525 Mb worth of the total as being available.  Doesn't matter what order the
sticks go in, or what bank they are in.  They work fine until all 4 1Gb
sticks are in place.


Went into bios and tried to tweak a little, setting DRAM speed, disabling
video cache, etc.  Managed to get about 128 to 200 Mb clawed back and
available.  That is probably all cache disabling and reserved AGP aperture
shrinking( from default 128 down to 4)


I also flashed the bios to the latest I could find (pcdl1009.bin) No
appreciable difference


Anyone have any ideas?


I am at a loss.  3.6ish Gb is better than 2, but I paid for 4.  Any ideas on
how I can get it all, or most?  What am I missing? 

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