[K12OSN] K12LTSP-5.0.0-BETA6

Bjørn Roger Rasmussen brr at brr.no
Tue May 9 17:31:48 UTC 2006

> > - Tried to define Norwegian keyboard at the client computer. Thrown out
> > to the login picture. Not possible to log in again with that user.
>I'm not sure how to reproduce this one, since I don't have a Norwegian
>keyboard handy ;-)
>Just to make sure I understand correct, you set the keyboard layout to
>Norwegian in lts.conf and experienced the problem logging in from a

I tried to boot a thin client computer without 
doing any configuration in lts.conf. I booted the 
thin client and logged in with a normal user (not 
root). Tried to set Norwegian keyboard in 
"personal settings" (don't remember the menu 
choice exactly and don't have any Linux machine 
at the moment). I don't think it has anything to 
do with especially Norwegian. It seems to lock 
the computer whatever choice I did in the "keyboard chooser program".

I did not try to do a console login. But I think 
that should work ok. A litte moment before you 
see the desktop after login the computer loops 
and you again see the login screen. If I delete 
the user and add the same user again in user management everythin is ok.

I find the bugzilla thing to FC a little 
difficult to use. So I hope someone with more 
experience regarding the use of the bugzilla 
system publish FC specific problems.

And Norwegian is my language. My English "stinks".

Bjorn Roger Rasmussen, Norway

Bjørn Roger Rasmussen (http://www.brr.no/)

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