[K12OSN] LTSP 4.2, fuse and ldap

Jim McQuillan jam at mcquil.com
Tue May 9 18:25:52 UTC 2006

On Tue, May 9, 2006 2:10 pm, Kevin Verheyen wrote:
> Hello,
> yesterday I tried to setup LTSP 4.2 on one of my production servers,
> but I was running into trouble using local disk access.
> Only the root user could manage to setup his shares. All other users
> failed.
> I'm using SMBLDAP as backend server with home dirs mounted over nfs.
> I'm getting access denied errors, even after setting permissions on
> the fuse script files to 777

"Access Denied" doesn't mean the scripts don't have the right permissions.
 The script is running.  It's the mounted directory that is probably
giving you trouble.

Have you added the user to the 'fuse' group, like it says in the
instructions, and the troubleshooting guide?

Jim McQuillan
jam at Ltsp.org

> ANy idea?
> Kevin
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