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   >Jim Kronebusch wrote:
   >>> Microsoft CEO downplays Linux-Oregon connection
   >> Kind of funny.  If MS didn't see open source as a threat,
   >first they wouldn't
   >> be talking about and second, they wouldn't feel a need to slam it :-)

MS are also seeing the writing on the wall, clearly they are preparing for
the end of their existing cash-cow:

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Microsoft Sees Future as Media Network
By James Lewin

Last week, Microsoft quietly announced that it was planning to evolve
from a software company into a media network.

People aren't exactly drooling to get the upcoming, delayed version of
Windows. Apache recently put another nail in Microsoft's IIS by
becoming the leading choice for secured web sites. Firefox looks like
it could follow Apache, inexorably eating away at Microsoft's share of
the browser market. Companies are deploying Linux servers as
alternatives to not just Unix, but Windows. Organizations are even
looking at alternatives to Office.

Read the full article here:

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