[K12OSN] OT: Squid/Dansguardian but who did it?

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We use CensorNet to provide our web filtering.  It runs an authenticating proxy forcing students to enter their personal username & password before letting them onto the Internet.  CensorNet has a nice web-based front-end letting you generate web activity reports by username (among other parameters).  It also runs its own firewall (iptables) to prevent students from doing the old change-the-browser's-proxy-port-to-bypass-the-filter trick.

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We have Squid and Dansguardian on an Ubuntu box at one of our schools. However, if we have an incident how can we tell who the user was? We can see the IP addresses, but it's not logging the users that are logged on and surfing the web. Is there a utility or tool I can use for this? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. 


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