[K12OSN] Stopping web messenger

Jim Christiansen christiansen_j at hotmail.com
Thu May 11 20:15:32 UTC 2006

Hi Huck,

meebo and a ton of other access urls are blocked.  Also, a student came to 
me and told me that the way they get in is then they get a blocked url and 
the dansgardian block page comes up, they change the blocked url to a secure 
http site by adding the s (https://...) and then they get into a working 
browser with messenger.

I'll have to grab their browsing history somehow before they delete it to 
take a look.


Re: [K12OSN] Stopping web messenger

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block meebo.com ;)


Jim Christiansen wrote:

    I've got an IPCop box that all of my students pass through to get to 
internet and have been using the Dansgardian plugin for years. My Principal 
came to me a few days ago and asked why I've openned up msn web messenger to 
the students. This had been blocked for some time by using the editable 
phrase, url, and site lists. Now, several problematic students have figured 
out how to get msn web messenger running on their clients again... I've 
looked at their history files and just can't figure out how to stop web 
messenger and what url they are using to get it going.

Does anyone here know how to stop webmessenger?

Thanks,  Jim

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