[K12OSN] remaster/customizing a Live CD but I'm new to chroot...

Real Proto latinluv241 at gmail.com
Fri May 12 09:57:39 UTC 2006

I'm beginning to understand the function of chroot but I don't know its
limitations.  I'm practicing how to remaster a linux cd (using Kanotix
2005-4).  So far I  uncompressed and copied the KNOPPIX file contents to a
/tmp/extracted_fs folder.  I chroot to extracted_fs and removed or added
packages with apt-get.  Now I get the idea of running a window manager while
in the chroot environment by typing startx.  This just results with an error
(so does init 5).  What do I have to setup to get a window manager running?
Is an X server running in a chroot environment?  Can it run?  Did I conmit
the usual newbie mistake?  Please advise.  I need to get a customized CD
working for a project teaching kids chess using a Linux live CD.  Thanks in

Real proto aka Latin Luv 241
latinluv241 at gmail dot com
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