[K12OSN] Firefox extensions

Eric Harrison eharrison at mail.mesd.k12.or.us
Fri May 12 22:14:12 UTC 2006

I have a "second draft" of the K12LTSP client customization kit
extension for 5.0.0 beta.

There is an updated version of firefox available, you can install that
first if you really want to make sure that the "new magic" works ;-)

 	yum install firefox

Before making any other modifications, you can see that Java works, the
Acrobat plugin works, etc.

Now to install the new K12LTSP firefox extension, run:

     yum install k12ltsp-firefox-extension

This will set the homepage to Google, adds bookmarks, set the memory-saving
configuration parameters, etc. The bookmarks are a little messed up, but
that is easy enough to fix in the next build. All looks great!

Now you can test Java to find that.... drum roll please....

                      It doesn't work.

If I do every change by hand, it works. If I compile the changes in or load
them as an extension, it breaks. Sigh, enough banging my head against the
monitor on this one today.

I have not tested the shiny new global XPI extension loader beyond the
k12ltsp-firefox-extension. It works for that, likely will work for other
extensions. Usage:

 	1) download an extension (XPI) and save it somewhere, such as /tmp/test.xpi

     2) run:

            /usr/sbin/firefox-extension-loader /tmp/test.xpi

     3) restart your browser, click on the Tools menu, then Extensions.
        You should see the new extension listed.

To remove the k12ltsp-firefox-extension, you need to remove the RPM
(rpm -e k12ltsp-firefox-extension) AND you need to manually remove
the extension directory:

 	rm -rfv /usr/lib/firefox*/extensions/k12ltsp*

I'll figure out clean way to make removals work when I get back to working
on this...


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