[K12OSN] usb printer troubleshooting

Barry Cisna cisna-barry at wc235.k12.il.us
Mon May 15 11:35:33 UTC 2006

Hello Sudev & Jim

OK, I guess i'm a little slow. I don't quite understand what I should be
seeing here? if i have a text file named "dog" and i send this to local
printer "printer1" I should after sending the print job, type in a
terminal the following:?
lpr -P printername filename
lpr -P printer1 dog

is this correct?
if this correct syntax what should i be seeing thereafter?
Also if i do a ' ps ax | grep lpr' i get nothing returned, i'm guessing
this is an xinetd process that will not show up through ps?

What about doing the telnet to the printer then typing in a terminal
directly to the printer?I guess i need a :
duh me..

Thanks for the help.

Barry Cisna

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