[K12OSN] Transferring user accounts

Doug Simpson veewee77 at alltel.net
Mon May 15 22:11:06 UTC 2006

How did you "copy" the stuff?

If you just set up the users on the new server and copied their data 
over, if the user IDs and group IDs aren't the same as they were and if 
the user's directories and folders aren't assigned to the correct users, 
this causes much grief.


Barry Van Gurp wrote:

> Good day,
> I'm having an time transferring user accounts to a different server.  
> Copied all the files appropriate, but when attempting to login, keep 
> getting the message about 10 second and the login screen reappears.
> Have attempted to find via "Howto", but search isn't coming up with 
> anything that would assist.  Can anyone direct me to a location that 
> would provide assistance?
> Barry Van Gurp
> MSAD #31, Howland
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