[K12OSN] RDP Question

Mark Cockrell cockrell at honeygroveisd.net
Tue May 16 18:55:22 UTC 2006

I've never done it before, but I understand that the RDP client built 
into K12LTSP can connect seamlessly with a Windows Terminal Server.  How 
well does sound work using this setup?  If I want to load all those 
goofy little games that the elementary teachers swear they can't live 
without, will all the honks and whistles play like they do on Windows?  
I'm trying to rid myself of a bunch of clunky old Win98 machines that 
ONLY exist to run those "must have" games.  Any input would be welcome, 
especially if you have first-hand experience with this sort of thing.  


"If you're going through hell, keep going." -- Winston Churchill

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