[K12OSN] Outdoor Thin Client (and possibly wireless)

Carl Keil carl at snarlnet.com
Wed May 17 04:21:41 UTC 2006

Hi Folks,

2 Possibly related questions.

Preamble:  The reason I installed a K12ltsp server in my house was so 
that when the time came I could plop a $0-$50 computer anywhere in the 
house and have a decent workstation.  My kids use the one in the living 
room and I use it and the one in the kitchen to play music via mp3's.  I 
also use the clients to surf the web and check email, etc.  I am 
planning on deploying thin clients in the kids' rooms when they ask for 

Anyway, with the nice whether I'm suddenly struck with the overpowering 
urge to put a client out in the backyard - mainly for tunes while I'm 
gardening, cooking, entertaining and hanging out.  I want it to be a 
permanent installation with an amp and speakers.  What are the pitfalls 
of doing this?  I have no budget for the project, but I was going to try 
to get a cheap cabinet or something (and weatherproof it to the best of 
my ability) to serve as a "shed" for it.  But it can't have a flat panel 
or nice cpu, or be a laptop.  Does anyone have any advice for somebody 
about to attempt such a thing?  ("Don't."  Perhaps)  I don't want to 
electrocute anyone, start a fire or hurt my network, etc.  There's 
already GFCI electrical outlet right where I want to put it.

The second question is, does anyone know when fedora (and therefore 
k12ltsp ) is going to support "G" wireless cards?  I installed Fedora 
via my trusty K12ltsp 4.4.2 disks on a friends laptop, but now we're 
finding it impossible to get wifi working.  I even tried the ndis  
(IIRC) wrapper but I couldn't find the kernel source in the install to 
recompile it.  (Probably a sign from the scandanavian gods that I 
shouldn't attempt such a thing.)

I'm also wondering if a wireless "G" thin client is possible, therefore 
simplifying the outdoor scenario. 

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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