[K12OSN] local USB, CD on client

Angus Carr acarr at saskforestcentre.ca
Wed May 17 19:23:17 UTC 2006

I have a similar problem in beta 6, and it is consistent that the first 
session logged in at a station will get the USB Key, but after that user 
logs out, nobody can get it, including the first user. On terminal 
reboot, it's available again.

I occasionally have a problem with the first time I plug in the key on a 
terminal- it won't find it and make the desktop icon. After I wait a 
minute, I unplug and replug, and it works.

In general terms, though the usb keys work very well. I'd like to mount 
terminal hard drives, too.

Angus Carr.

Kevin Verheyen wrote:
> same problem in beta 6,
> reproduced several times.
> Hanne
> Op 17-mei-06, om 19:28 heeft Joe Guenther het volgende geschreven:
>> In the process of testing a new 5.0.0 (beta5 with the latest updates) 
>> configuration for a demo on Friday, I have noticed that the USB 
>> mounting is not consistent. I can plug in a USB stick and it will 
>> mount properly. The CD will also mount properly.  This is SO SLICK!  
>> This is a fantastic feature.
>> BUT once I pull out the USB stick it will not mount again, nor will a 
>> CD mount again. Logging out and logging in again does not seem to 
>> help. I have to physically shutdown the client and restart for the 
>> USB stick to mount again.  Am I doing something wrong?  Is there an 
>> un-mount or eject function that I am missing for the USB stick?  Is 
>> it my hardware?
>> Joe Guenther

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