[K12OSN] Outdoor Thin Client (and possibly wireless)

Dale Sykora dalen at czexan.net
Thu May 18 02:11:39 UTC 2006

Carl Keil wrote:
> Hi Folks,

> Anyway, with the nice whether I'm suddenly struck with the overpowering 
> urge to put a client out in the backyard - mainly for tunes while I'm 
> gardening, cooking, entertaining and hanging out.  I want it to be a 
> permanent installation with an amp and speakers.

	I'll throw out a couple of other ideas.  Get a low power fm transmitter 
connected to audio line out on your streaming server.  Then use a stereo 
receiver to tune into the channel.  A friend of mine built a heathkit fm 
transmitter and used it to play Christmas music for cars that drove by 
his house looking at his lights/display/etc...

Another option would be a networked audio receiver (slimp3 or similar) 
and powered speakers.



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