[K12OSN] Flash install not working

Onatawahtaw onatawahtaw at yahoo.ca
Thu May 18 03:12:57 UTC 2006

I've used easyubuntu (on Ubuntu of course), but take a
look at the following program, it might work wonders
for you:


Hope this helps,


--- Joe Guenther <jguenther at chinooksedge.ab.ca> wrote:

> another little fly in the soup of the 5.0.0 demo
> setup ...
> When the Get Flash icon is clicked in the Install
> Additional software 
> ... then loads a terminal to download and install
> Macromedia Flash ... 
> it ends with an error
> ERROR: something went wrong with 'up2date -i --nosig
> flash-plugin'
> Aborting :-(
> I have already done
>    yum clean all
> This has happened repeatedly over the last week. I
> have not been able to 
> install Flash on my new 5.0.0 beta demo system.  It
> would be nice to 
> have this functional for my demo on Friday afternoon
> Joe Guenther
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