[K12OSN] boot menu for LTSP?

Jim McQuillan jam at mcquil.com
Fri May 19 00:21:46 UTC 2006

Rob Owens wrote:
> Is there any way to configure LTSP to show the thin
> client a grub-like menu of boot choices?  

Sure, pxelinux.0 offers that ability.

It's more like lilo that grub, but it still works.

You'd have to look for some docs on pxelinux to see how to setup the 
config file, but as I recall, it's not all that hard.

Jim McQuillan
jam at Ltsp.org

> I recently discovered that both Fedora and Ubuntu have
> special pxeboot images that you can use to boot off a
> server and perform a network install of the operating
> system.  I'd like for my server to provide me with a
> choice of 1) booting LTSP, 2) net-installing Fedora,
> or 3) net-installing Ubuntu.
> Is it possible?  I know I could hand-configure
> dhcpd.conf to provide the network install kernels each
> time I want to use them, but it would be really nice
> to simply choose them from a boot menu.
> -Rob
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